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Enterprise Security

For years, enterprises have secured their networks using hardened perimeters with advanced detection. The concept is similar to that of a castle: carefully placed big, thick walls keep intruders out and enhance your visibility into where the attacks are coming from, while limiting the number of ingress or egress points to regulate traffic through guarded checkpoints.

This approach has worked to varying degrees in the past, but hardened walls and advanced detection are not enough to identify and defeat today’s threats. Once an employee’s laptop or smartphone accesses the Internet from an unsecured network—such as his home, an Internet café, or hotel—and then brings that device into the office, the employee may have unwittingly transported a potential attacker inside your hardened perimeter. If your enterprise institutes a bring-your-own-device policy, the threat is very similar.

Plus, attackers are constantly evolving their tactics, meaning your advanced detection is weeks, or even months behind your adversary.

Research shows that targeted attacks, whether simple or stealthy, prey on human behavior. No matter how good your security measures are, the human element is something you cannot control. For your enterprise, it is not a question of if, rather of when. And, when the breach occurs, you want answers: How did it happen? Who was it? Where did it come from? How did they get in? Which assets were compromised? What data was taken? Are they gone? How can we recognize it next time so we can stop it?

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