VizSecure Solutions

Legal Interception and Law Enforcement

Legal Interception is a tool which a law enforcement agency adopts to secure the environment against the malign splurge of anti social elements this in internet domain is a three stage concept for collection, mediation and delivery of data to a Law Enforcement Agency(LEA) for suitable action. Thus there is a need to remain alert always in the increasing complexity and rapid development of new systems which present a real challenge for securing ICT systems.

In the era of cyber warfare, information warfare and net wars, information systems, both civil and military networks, should have adequate redundancy, survivability and electronic security to support the govt in all realms of National Interest. This tool provides an effective tool to ensure secured ICT platform.

VizExec is working towards the establishment of effective networking in internet domain overlaid by analysis of telecommunication/mobile system to help protect a Nation and its citizens in an emergency and on security issues in Next Generation Networks.