VizSecure Solutions

Social Media Analytics & Crime Prevention

Online social media is abound with discussions, opinions and debates across various means; Twitter feeds, FaceBook pages, many varied forums and discussion boards. Manually monitoring all these simultaneously is inefficient, time-consuming and in reality limited to a small proportion of the information and intelligence that is potentially available.

For police and enforcement organisations these limitations mean that they are often forced to be reactive to events orchestrated via social media. And with the emergence of new categories of crime which are inextricably linked to social media the limitations of the enforcement agencies is increasingly acute.

Viz Exec has developed Integrates Products and Services to assist Police and Security Organizations address the challenge presented by social media. At its simplest level it combines its proprietary sentiment extraction and filtering rules with analytics and predictive analysis to allow enforcement agencies to quickly identify relevant social media content.

We do the following:

  • Build and maintain a library of pre-built profiles covering key subject areas
  • Dynamically query global social media with search parameters set by the enquirer
  • Generate reports to provide trend and social demographic data, geo-mapping, hotspot identification and influencers
  • Facilitate advanced text analytics based enrichment
  • Track activities across tweets, pages, blogs, posts, images, videos and trends